STC Corp. has provided customers with optimal waterproof solutions based on its technical power and construction field experience accumulated for years.

Customers' opinions and demands have been reflected into the development and production process for efficiency and cost-saving of waterproofing works. The excellence of our special material has been proved in construction sites nationwide.
The brand image has been improved a lot with various patents, utility model rights, designs, and trademarks for its new products..

STC Corp. has taken further steps from the existing waterproofing system. With its constant technology development to realize an advanced technical platform for architectural and civil engineering structures, STC Corp. has developed the NANO L SPRAY SYSTEM solely with the domestic technology in the field of liquid-applied membrane waterproofing method which had relied on advanced countries' technical power.


In addition, construction materials that best suit the NANO L SPRAY SYSTEM are selected to maximize the maintenance convenience, constructability, and economic efficiency of architectural and civil engineering structures.
With such customer-oriented, customized waterproofing designs, we provide the highest quality products to customer satisfaction.
Rather than settling for the present status that has been established based on customers' trust, STC Corp. promises to take forth constant efforts to contribute to the advancement of the domestic construction industry, with the mission, pride, and goal to achieve the highest competitiveness and quality of products. We deeply appreciate your continued interest and encouragement.

Thank you very much.