Nano L Coat

Nano L Coat Formation

Coating materials with advantages of both organic and inorganic components
Principle of Operation
(adhesion strength)

It displays excellent adhesion and durability as this product adheres to concrete, glass, iron, etc. in the chemical combination of -OH BOND.

Principle of Operation

As it penetrates into concrete and induces chemical reactions with certain elements, the product reinforces concrete.

Nano L Coat Characteristics

Heat resistance test (Incombustibility grade)
Water resistance/alkaline/acid resistance/chemical resistance test
Test Result Surface state Intensity
Epoxy coating Discoloring, roughening Weakening
Lining Serious yellowing Weakening
NANO L COAT No change No change
Pollutant Resistance Test
Water leak prevention or non-slip at tile finishing sides in kitchens, restrooms, etc.
Finishing materials such as tiles and marble finishing in various structures, parking space floor finishing, etc.(flame retardance rate: nonflammable)
Maintenance or reinforcement of existing EPOXY ground materials
Finishing materials for plant and warehouse floors